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Catalyst Partnerships inspires people, builds hope, and nurtures community by bringing together useful resources and caring volunteers to meet the home repair needs of under-resourced people in our communities.


  • Serving others with no strings attached
  • Equipping individuals for personal, social, and spiritual development
  • Cultivating authentic & healthy relationships
  • Collaborating with diverse people & organizations
  • Empowering ordinary people for involvement & leadership
  • Earning trusted partnerships with local organizations, businesses & government


Many thanks to Professor Ben Brewster's and Bill Pfeill's Oregon State University software development teams who brought this idea to life:
  • Team Khon: Mike Haines, John Fitzgerald, Marco Zamora
  • Team Capricornus: Dave Martinez, Sarah Beidelschies, John Nicolosi
  • Team Corvus: Rohin Adalja, Samuel Weinzimer, Patrick Seafield
  • Team Orion: Ben Alley, Justin Bethel, Andy Situ

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