Catalyst Partnerships Recipient Application


Dear Applicant:

Catalyst Partnerships provides construction repairs, remodeling, and other services to homeowners who are elderly, disabled, and/or low-income. We also do projects for other like minded non-profit organizations. Our mission is to bring together useful resources and caring volunteers to meet the needs of under-resourced people in our community. Work is performed by skilled and unskilled volunteers, and overseen by licensed contractors. Funds and materials are provided through donations from generous individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community. Recipients are not required to pay for help, but are encouraged to contribute whatever labor and/or funds they are able to. Please complete the following application and click Submit.

This form may take some time to complete - usually between 15 and 30 minutes. At this time, there is no way to save your work and come back, so be sure to complete everything at one sitting. If you would like to return to the Catalyst Partnerships NW home page, please click here. (Please note that if you leave this page all your entries and/or changes will be lost.)

After we receive your completed application, we will contact you by phone within 1 week of receipt. Small projects may be approved & scheduled immediately, while larger projects will take longer and require you to submit additional documentation (such as pay stub, social security benefits, housing assistance, proof of ownership, documentation of assets, previous year taxes, etc.). Please call with any questions (971) 245-6555.

Please note that Catalyst does not provide services for rental properties. Click the appropriate buttons below to indicate that you are the owner, and up to date on your mortgage payments. (Also note: If you are filling out this application for someone else, we refer to your role as "Advocate". If you are an Advocate, please fill out the application as if you were the Recipient.)

I own the home for which I am requesting work. Yes        No
I am up to date on my mortgage payments. Yes        No

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